Friday, June 17, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures Week 8

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Awesome week for garage saling!  That’s why I’m a wee bit late in getting this post up.  I was literally taking pictures just moments ago.  There were so many neighborhood sales this week!  There was even a school/church sale that started today (Friday).  We would have kept going today but our allergies were driving us bonkers, it’s probably for the better since I got so much already.


Look at all these great books!  .25 each except the Horton book, that was $1.00.  It’s been on my list and I never see it at garage sales, so I was pretty happy anyway.

002                 003

The first picture: Riding Giraffe-2.50 (saving for Salt Water’s 1st, lunch box-.75 (Laffy Taffy paid for it with his own money)  George-.25, cars-.10 each.

Second Picture-Like New Snow Boots-$3.00


Hooded towel-$1.50 (on my list), Robeez-$1.00, My First Purse-.25 (Saving for birthday also.)


Chicken Art!  The inside frame and rooster are painted tin.  It’s about 2 feet by 2 feet square and looks awesome in my kitchen!  $1.00


Stuff for Bubble Gum.  Jeans $1.00 each and hoodie .50.  The Dick and Jane book was $1.00 and she’s already read it cover to cover!


Also for Bubble Gum.  .50 each piece.

A couple years ago, when Mr. Taffy was unemployed, we found a home having a garage sale where all the clothes being sold were Gymboree.  It was heaven to me as I could afford it and it was all in great condition.  The lady has twin girls so there was double of everything.  We’ll that same family had a sale this year too!  It was the sale that wiped out my wallet on Thursday.  I was tempted to go back today, but I resisted!


This is such a rotten picture…my flash was turned off and I didn’t realize it until I loaded it on to my laptop.  Green shirt-$2.00, Bermuda shorts (new with tags) $4.00, swing top-$2.00, polka dot dress-$3.00, swimsuit-.50.  All Gymboree size 9!  Sigh…Thanks Lord!


These pajamas were there too, both Carter’s size 10 $3.00 each.  I also got her a pair of Gymboree socks for .25, but she ran off wearing them when she saw them.  So cute! 

That was Thursday…now on to Friday.

We started out at the church/school sale.  Chocolate Taffy has Driver’s Ed there this week and was telling us about it as it was being set up.  We got there 15 minutes before it opened, you should have seen how long the line was behind us!  Can I just add a little note here?  When a big family walks up to an event, it is rude to stare, even if you think their baby is adorable!  Awkward! 


Nothing was priced at the sale since it was a mission trip fund raiser.  Paying at these kinds of sales really gets my blood pressure rising!  Melissa and Doug Magnetic Calendar, 2 Inside Outside Puzzles, Lauri train puzzle and Dutch Blitz game, I think I paid $1.00 each for these.  I got the fish watering cans at a regular garage sale for .25 each.


Clothes for Salt Water.  2 Hanna Anderson shirts .50 each, Carter’s outfit $1.00, Osh Kosh outfit $1.00, Bobux shoes-.10.


More clothes for Bubble Gum.  These are all mixed up, half came from the church and half from other garage sales.  $8.00 total


3 pair of jeans for Blue Raspberry-$1.00 each  Snow boots for Laffy Taffy-$2.00 and the hat was with the church sale stuff. 


The basket, plate and sign came from the church sale.  I spent $10.00 total at that sale.  I love the plate, it’s heavy glass with farm animals etched in it.  I’m sure I’ll keep it forever!  I got the neck pillow at a garage sale for $1.00.

I also found some clothes for myself at both the church sale and a garage sale.  They are in the wash, presently.

By big boys found a foos ball (soccer) table for $20.00.  They split the cost and are going to put it in their bedroom.

It was a terrific garage sale week!  How was yours?  Did you find any treasures?  I would love to hear about it!  If you’ve never linked up before, please read this post first.


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I'm happy to see you found some things for yourself too! The chicken art is great!

  2. It WAS great week for you! My favorites from your finds: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (been on my list forever), Salt Water's adorable shoes-both pairs! (10 cents? Awesome!, Polka Dot Gymboree dress-3.00 is a steal!, Lauri Puzzle, M&D Calendar-we love ours. And most of all, the Dick and Jane Treasury. We have the same book, I won it a few years ago and it is Mustang's most favorite book. It really did help her learn to read, and she reads aloud from it almost everyday because she loves it so much.

    On a different note, if a large family comes up, is it okay to admire them? Cause if I ever see one (which hardly happens), I love to look. Mostly cause I hope to be one someday. Of course with 3 almost 4, people are usually staring at me, too.

    We are headed out for the weekend, so I'll share my finds Monday!

  3. Haha! Admiration is okay. It was awkward because we were walking up to a line and the people were just smiling and staring, it made my children uncomfortable. They didn't say hi or anything! Even after we were at our spot in line, they kept staring. I just kept thinking, either say something or turn around? lol It was weird! I love big families too! Have a great weekend away!

  4. Guess this week made up for your not so good week last week! Such great finds! It's so nice to revisit homes that have great things! I have a couple homes that I have revisited the past two years (their kids are a size above mine....pretty great!).

    Can I just say that I really don't like sales that nothing is priced...or worse yet, 'make an offer' sales. I always get very nervous because you have to ask, and then what if it is more than what you would pay for it I have to set it I just find it awkward. :)

    I admire big families too....especially the parents who make it all work and run smoothly. I think they're just fantastic! :) If I was looking at you in that line I would've at least talked to you! :)

    Posting my findings either later today or tomorrow sometime.


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