Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hold the Line

I looking through one of my old journals, there wasn’t much written in there so I wanted to use the notebook for something else.  In doing so, I discovered something that I had written down that was an encouragement to me today. 

Hold the Line

This was a word given to me a while ago as it pertains to mothering, mothering teenagers to be specific.  Since we started summer school up this week, we’ve had to make some adjustments in our daily habits.  The kids have been free to pretty much do whatever they’ve wanted too and now they can’t.  At least not for the whole day.

So when a certain child comes up to me and asks me about his computer time and will it be extended because he has to do math now…and he doesn’t like the answer I give…I’m holding the line.  Oh, he was not happy with me!

Honestly, sometimes I am the only one holding the line.  I hate being the bad guy.  Just like you, I want my kids to like me.  My husband has a interesting analogy, (I’m terrible at analogies but he is brilliant at them) he says it’s like having a cow that you’ve fenced in.  That cow will test every part of the fence until it finds a week spot and then push through the fence there. 

That’s how it is with parenting.  You’ve got to be stubborn.  You’ve got to be a strong fence, you’ve got to hold the line where you’ve put it and not let them find any weak spots.

This is not to say that I am trying to keep my teens in a state of childhood or childishness.  Banana Taffy just got his driver’s license, we are thrilled that he has this new freedom and skill.  But instead of letting them be the ones to push at and move the boundaries, we are the ones enlarging their territory.  The tricky part is having all these different boundaries for all these different ages of children.  There’s lots of different lines to be held.

Maybe these words encourage you too!  Be lead by the Lord to set up rules and boundaries in your household, then when your children push on you, try to break your resolve, try to prematurely expand their territory just remember:

Hold the Line


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Hear hear! You are a great parent and they won't be mad at you forever, someday they'll be just like you! : ) Love the new sidebar photos!

  2. Love it! I don't like being the mean one either. It is hard with so many ages trying to push their boundaries. Sometimes I forget and say yes and then have to call someone back to correct my error. I guess if our children were happy with us all the time we wouldn't be doing our job right.

    Oh, about the list of upcoming curriculum. Heidi posted a list which I read because I'm on the moderating team this year. I didn't think about the fact that not all of the crew is still in the forum to read it when I talked about it on my blog. You'll find out soon and be super excited!


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