Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer School

Do you homeschool in summer?  I usually try and do a little something because I feel like they lose so much during the off months of summer.  There’s another reason too, structure.  I like to have days when there’s nothing in particular to do, but for my family, I find that too many “nothing” days leads to boredom and idleness.029

So this summer my plan is to do school 3 days a week.  Our schedule will look like this:

  • Monday~Summer School
  • Tuesday~Beach Day
  • Wednesday~Summer School
  • Thursday~Garage Sale Day
  • Friday~Summer School

For my teens we’ll focus on the basics:  Math, Reading and Grammar/Vocabulary.  I’m going to assign them some brain stretching reading.  I haven’t decided on what they are going to read yet, but I’ll be using this book and the library to help me.  I want to focus on grammar and vocabulary too because of the older boys starting college classes in the fall, I want their skills to be sharp, not dulled from a summer of brainless activity!  LOL!



                                                         For my little people we’ll be focusing on Math, Reading, Writing and Latin.  They will be the most happy to resume school.  They’ve been asking!  Repeatedly.  Laffy Taffy will participate with Latin and I’ve been collecting fun things for him to learn with through the summer like inchimals and magntab.




I also want to incorporate a little more art in our week.  I’m terrible in this area as I’m sort of a mess-a-phobe.  But I bought all those paints with the intension of letting my little people paint.  I even bought some droppers at the pharmacy for drip painting.  Now if I can turn my intentions into action I’ll be good. Smile

I’m honestly looking forward to this, I miss my school room and the special times we’ve spent in there.


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Sounds fun. We always homeschooled a little during the summer. There are some good homeschool books that use old movies to teach history. Those are fun and they explain where they got it right and where they got it wrong. Old classic movies you can usually get at the library. Just add popcorn.

    And, when we did watercolor painting, it was not the chaos I expected. Try watercolor crayons, then brush with a wet paintbrush. Neat and tidy! Have fun!

  2. Sounds great! We are going to do summer school three days a week as well! We got a bit behind this year so we need to catch up a little anyway! Oh, and can I just say how cute your kids' missing tooth grins are! Love it! (: Have a great summer!!

  3. We school in the summer for the same reasons. With so many people around I need to keep them busy! Plus, I like reading and if they are reading also I can actually concentrate! I'm thinking about having a swimming and library afternoon during the week.

  4. Great post, I actually have a few questions, because quite honestly, I don't know how you do it. Do you have some sort of cleaning schedule that you follow in order to be able to focus on school, I find I am always thinking about the extras that have to be done in order to keep up with the regular everyday stuff. Also, do you feel it is better to be consistent with the hours you school the kids, or do you have a flexible, day to day schedule, I actually feel that our home is much more peaceful when we live in an organized fashion, it really is discipline, isn't it. Thanks I did not intend fro this to be so long, Sincerely, Kim

  5. Hi Kim!

    Thanks for visiting and asking! I definitely believe in routines. And I definitely understand the pull of chores around the house...I LOVE a clean and tidy house! It's taken a few years, but because I've been committed to doing school at a certain time each day, I'm used to it now and it doesn't bug me as much, the pull that is. I am so committed to homeschooling them and doing it well, that that commitment often will help me press on, even when my house is a mess. We do school early, because if I wait, I won't do it.

    I feel like keeping my house clean is a full time job, feeding my family is a full time job and homeschooling is full time job. Somehow God gives me the grace to do the task He's put before me, and He will for you too! If you stay strong with your children when they are little, teaching them to help you and teaching them to be independent learners, when they are teens it will be so much easier and they will help ease your burden, not add to it!

    I hope that all made sense. If you want to keep talking about this, send me a email through that email button near my picture up top. I'd be happy to talk to you more about this!

    Love and Blessings, Mrs. Taffy


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