Friday, July 29, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures Week 14

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I had a super fun time going garage saling with Mr. Taffy!  Our first stop was for coffee, my coffee of choice?  A dark chocolate Mocha—Oh YUM!  Hot or cold and my mouth is happy! 


A bunch of cheap stuff…Cabbage Patch busy doll-$1.00. Did you know that can throw this type of CPK in the washing machine? I washed mine up and let it air dry, it looks as good as new! VHS movies-.50.  I’ll probably donate these after we watch them, we just haven’t seen these before and it’s cheaper than renting.  Two mini file folders-.25 each.  One is for filing receipts and one is going to be for organizing Latin Flash Cards.  Leap Frog Spelling Bee Game-$1.00.  The Ravenburger Puzzle was .50.  The manners book-.75 and the other two .25 each.  That little Giraffe toy was .50.  009

Everything in this picture was quarter, except for the new black picture frame, that was $1.00.


Please forgive the quality of these picture, I had the camera on the wrong setting.  3 Gymboree outfits-$3.00 each.  These are for Marshmallow to grow into. 


Two more Gymboree outfits, also $3.00 each.  For next summer!  I heart Gymboree!


Gymboree jumper for this fall- $2.00 and three pairs of leggings.  Two Carter’s and one Hanna Anderson-$1.00 each.  A little more than I think they are worth but a necessity in the fall and winter in MN.


At this sale the lady was selling a ton of school uniform clothes.  Most of it was Land’s End.  Each piece in this picture was .50, except the snow pants-$2.50 (Land’s End) and the leather belt-.25.  What a deal!  Oh wait, I guess that plaid shirt was a dollar, but it’s brand new.  These are all for Blue-Raspberry.


A lovely country style heavy oak chair for my desk in the school room-$5.00.

And now for Mr. Taffy’s contribution:


The little balls were .25 each and the big ball .50.  Blue-Raspberry just might be sitting on that ball during school!  It’s his new best friend.


Yellow Basket Ball return for .50.

We had a lot of fun garage saling together and ending our time with a visit to Chipotle—YUM!

Oh my word…I almost forgot to share the most exciting thing I found!  We stopped a new thrift store in our town just for a minute and this is what I found.


New pocket diaper for $3.50 each and the micro fiber liners were .25 each!  What a blessing!  The laundry bag wasn’t a particularly good deal, but I always forget to look for one when I’m at Wal-Mart.  $2.00

What did you find this week?  I would LOVE to hear about it!  So would my garage sale buddy’s!  If you haven’t linked up with us before, read this post first


Mrs. Taffy


  1. You always find such great stuff! Love the sitting ball. That is perfect for blue-raspberry to sit on during school. Makes those wiggly boys much happier than sitting in a chair! And the wooden chair is beautiful!

  2. WOW, awesome deal on the cloth diaper fluff!!! I always hear of thrifts having them but I have yet to find a good, cheap, quality store around here!

    Glad you had some time with Mr. Taffy! Hubby and I are going tomorrow, so I'm off to map our route. I'll be back tomorrow to link up! :)

  3. Great deal on the diaper stuff! I have yet to work up the nerve to cloth diaper. lol I deeply admire women who do it. Cute Gymboree outfits. And I must say a basketball return for .50?! I applaud Mr. Taffy....those return things are simply wonderful when playing ball by yourself (does that happen much at your house?)

  4. First off, sorry for my delayed comment. I really thought I commented the other day! Love all the Gymboree!!! Of course you knew I would, right? :) We have outfits in some of the same lines, they are my favorites :). And the cloth diapers?!! Score! I so wish I could get the hubby to go yard sailing with me. I read your post and mentioned that he should come with us and his response was maybe we should come haul corn with us :-/. Your hubby is good at making deals!! Course I found out last weekend that guys make deals and girls just pay the price (at least that's the norm). Oh I almost forgot your chair-LOVE!! You found some great stuff!


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