Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weight-loss Journal {7}

Well, I made it through Thanksgiving with nary a pound gained!  Hallelujah!  I was a little worried since we gave ourselves a day of not counting calories.  It was so fun!  I still tried to make good choices but I did enjoy those Coconut Bon-Bon’s!  YUM!  Another indulgence was homemade peppermint whip cream in my coffee, I think I could LIVE on that alone!

We weighed in before and after Thanksgiving and we also took each others measurements.  I have lost 3 inches in my butt.  That’s cracks me up!  (no pun intended)  I’ve also lost an inch in my waist.  Mr. Taffy has lost 2 inches in his midsection.  And, I’m happy to report that I lost a pound despite all those bon-bon’s and whip cream!  Yay! I’m at 195.4 now.

It’s time to get back on track though!  I’ve got about 30 days to lose another 5 pounds to reach my goal of 190 by Christmas.  I’ll probably do another full body photo soon too, because I’m curious to see those missing 3 inches.

My husband did a blog post about his part in this new life style, it’s pretty cute with lots of pictures of us over the years.  If you are interested in reading about this from his perspective, visit his blog-I am Drawn to Him.

Until next week!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Lovely! Its ok to indulge now and then. You'll make it through Christmas too. I did visit Mike's blog too and loved the photos through the two have always been such a sweet couple!

  2. My husband put himself on a diet too a while ago and I obviously can't join him 8 weeks pregnant.. Poor him gained 2 pounds in his first week! He is doing better now. He did Spark People when he was younger, now we just focus on health - notice how healthy foods are naturally low-cal?
    Your husband looks so much like your oldest sons and the photos of you together are just adorable!

  3. Alina~ Thanks! Congratulations on the new baby! We have noticed how healthy food is so much lower in calorie and so much more filling too! We have such a long way to go, it will be nice when we can be in maintenance mode and not weight-loss mode!

  4. Just caught up with your weight-loss journey.... wow! You go girl! I know for a fact you will be someone who will most likely get to your goal and then some. You are so disciplined...(from what I read about your home life and all). That is so cool both you and Mr. Taffy are doing it together. Wonderful! You seem to always have the yummy goodies cooking and thought "how are they not overweight?". Honestly you don't look overweight to me at all. You look like a healthy mama to me. ha ha! I are probably laughing or smiling really big as you are reading this comment from me. ha ha! Little do I know right? ha ha! Of course....we all think we are fat...and maybe we are but we wear it well. ha ha!

    I totally need to do something to lose my weight. I haven't tried at all. First I need to add exercise and cut down on the sodas.

    I loved the pic of you and Mr. Taffy right out of high school. I have a picture similar to this with my hubby when we were in college.

    Have a great day friend!

  5. Great job! Your punless pun cracked me up! No pun there.

  6. Yay for you!! Your journey has motivated me so much! I have severely limited my carbs and sugars, basically down to nothing most days. Which has led me to be finally under 190 today!!! And honestly, I feel soooo much better when I eat better. lol. Makes sense! :) Thanks so much for sharing again! You are truly an encouraging and inspirational person!!!

  7. Thanks Carolyn!! And good job on your own weight loss! It feels good doesn't it?

  8. Yes!! :) But it will feel even better when I get into "maintenance" mode for sure!


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