Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rejoicing in God’s Provision!!

The title is the meaning of my 2nd daughter’s name and it’s an appropriate post title.  For years it’s been Mr. Taffy’s and my dream to be able to afford braces for our children. 

Two children in particular need them.


These two have basically identical mouths, save a few bad habits that have contributed to the problems.  I’m so thankful because since Mr. Taffy has a job with insurance (including orthodontia) and because we have a health care savings account and we found a low cost Orthodontist, we are able to afford braces for these two!  What a joy! 

014                017

And would you believe they are just as thankful as we are?  They are equally happy and excited.  Though a little nervous and a little uncomfortable, still, they are so happy!


Banana Taffy has a few more things to go through this week, including getting a couple teeth pulled.  But the good news is that he will get to keep his wisdom teeth, which have already started growing in. 

Our God is such a good provider.  Don’t forget it!  Even when something seems so out of reach, so impossible.  He alone gets credit for this provision and we are SO thankful!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I'm so glad too! Their discomfort won't last... their beautiful smiles will!

  2. Oh great! Just look at their smiling braces faces! :) I'm happy for them and for God's provision! Hopefully they won't be too miserable in the mean time (while their teeth are being straightened)!


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