Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 10

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I took a risk and went garage saling on Wednesday this week.  (It was good thing I did too, Thursday was a WASH-OUT!) I was really surprised to find  a lot of sales!  Wednesday huh?  Okay, I can work with that.


These are my kind of prices!  They did confuse me a little at first because I was looking at the women’s hanging clothes and thought I was looking at the size, that number 6 there, but I think it was actually a G because I found lots of clothes in my size and it is NOT 6.


I think I spent about $9.25 at that sale.  Most of these clothes came from there, I LOVE the gray pin striped capris.  So ME!  The blue outfit on the end came from a different sale, each piece was a dollar, the spot on the shirt washed out thankfully.


A fleece Columbia jacket for Laffy Taffy in size 8.  .50!!


Some odds and ends.  A bag of ribbons for dollar.  I’m going to use those for hair ribbons.  Some white crepe paper for .25.  Cute flower earrings for .25.  That roll of wall stickers was .25, there were about 12 stickers left in there.  They look adorable in the little girl’s room.  And finally that bag of hair stuff, we primarily bought it for the bobby pins, we go through a lot of those.  .25.


Fun alphabet game .75, veggie tales 1.00, Bitty Baby-$5.00.  I couldn’t really leave her there…especially because Marshmallow wouldn’t put her down and loved on her and repeated, “Babee, babee, babee!”  She’s the brunette, with brown eyes.


Who says you can’t dress cute while shopping at garage sales?  Look at this pretty girl!  Brand new jeans for $1.00 and colorful top for $1.00.  Trendy, cute and totally affordable!! 

How did you do?  Did you find any treasures?  Please share your finds with us by linking up below!  If you’ve never joined us before, please read this post first!

Let the bragging begin!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I love all the cute clothes you found! I recognize those wall stickers. H1 bought those (brand new though) for H3 when we upgraded her to a big-girl bed. He bought her curtains and everything. It was so cute to watch his excitement over decorating her room. Anyways, I love those wall stickers!

    We didn't go to any garage sales this week, but H1 did bring home a find from work. School is out, so whatever the kids have left at the school gets donated. He brought home a jacket that I'll post as soon as I get it washed. :)

  2. Amazing finds! Love the bitty baby! Strawberry's $2 outfit is so cute!

  3. Be still my heart-A 5.00 Bitty Baby?? How great!! Love the ladybug game, too! Yay for new clothes for you!

  4. Those stickers would've confused me too.....or would've made me feel really great about myself when they fit :) Great clothes for you at great prices. Strawberry's outfit is great the brand new jeans for $1!


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