Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures Week 8

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Beautiful Day for garage sales this week.  I went to a neighborhood sale on Thursday.  The signs boasted 70+ sales but I only saw about 30.  Smile


This little beauty of a garden cart was $5.00.  I am going to spray paint it red and put it outside my green house.  She originally wanted $7.00 for it.

015               014

Isn’t this odd looking?  I paid a dollar for this strange thing.  Can you tell what it’s for?  It’s really ingenious and somebody probably paid a lot for it originally.  It has a name but I forgot and I already hung it up in my greenhouse.  There’s a hint for you…It’s a flower or vegetable collector.  You can put a little water in the end there and the blooms or greenery out the top.  The wood handle is adjustable so you can prop it up like shown or lay it flat for hanging.

010 - Copy

Another pretty lamp.  This one was $3.00.  I’ve been looking for lamps to brightened up some dark corners in my house.


All these clothes are NEW with tags!  I paid a dollar for each, two skirts and one vest, for me!


For Strawberry, $1.00 each.  CUTE!


My littles don’t need many clothes, but this sale was so cheap, all clothes were .50, except that Gymboree Christmas Dress set, that was $2.00.  It’s 3T, so I’ll be storing it for a while but it’s well worth it!


  This outfit she’s wearing was $1.00, both pieces Gymboree and her little shoes were .25.  Jack and Jill brand.  So cute!






Jammies for my nephew- $1.00.  Food mill also for my nephew-$2.00.


This is new, well, not brand new, but I haven’t seen this before.  It’s similar to the Leap Frog ABC set but it’s food and the letters/food go into the little refrigerator and there are three different options of games to play with the magnets.  I bought this from a daycare mom for $3.00.


And finally a Willow Tree kitchen angel for $1.00 and a new card game for .25.

How did you do?  Did you find any treasures?  Please share your finds with us by linking up below!  If you’ve never joined us before, please read this post first!

Let the bragging begin!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I have that same Willow teapot angel. You gave it to me! Its in my kitchen and I look at it every day. The garden cart- adorable! I admire your patience in looking through all those clothes to find such great items!

  2. I love finding clothes for me at a good price. At a garage sale I feel like I can buy something for myself and not feel as guilty about not buying something for the kids/family instead.

    Sorry I've been missing for a couple weeks! :)

    1. Jessica, I have been missing you! Glad to have you back!!

  3. Oh wow! Love your vest, love Marshmellow's shoes and her Christmas dress (steal!). The food magnet set is too cool! Great finds!


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