Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yucky Kale

I’ve been trying and trying and trying to like this superfood.  I just don’t like it.  Any way I make it, it’s still disgusting.  My least favorite vegetable, the only food that makes me gag when I try to swallow it:  Brussel sprouts.  I like Kale even less, though it doesn’t make me gag like Brussel Sprouts do.


I tried to make Kale Chips.  It’s in the Trim and Healthy Mama book, it’s on Pinterest, I have friends who rave about them.  Gag.


I was really careful to get all the stems off, spritz the leaves with olive oil and used this yummy vegetable seasoning that generally makes everything taste yummy.  Baked them until crispy.  They did have a nice crunch, but after the crunch, NASTINESS filled my mouth!


She didn’t like it either. She willingly tried them, with great expectation.  I ate mine before I shared them with everybody else, I thought maybe it was just me.  I promise, they didn’t see ME make this face!


“Can I spit this out?” 

Marshmallow seemed to like them, at first.  She stuffed quite a few in her mouth.




I even caught her sneaking a few.  Then I saw her spitting the kale out and putting the chewed up Kale back in the bowl.  Um…


Then she started making this face.  Yeah, no more Kale for her!  There were more Kale pieces on my floor than her mouth or stomach!

Maybe you have a suggestion?  I just can’t figure out how to eat this super food.  To me, it’s super-ly yucky!

The Battle is the Lord’s,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Forget Kale - try chard. Rainbow chard. I think its yummy. Or Beet greens - one of my favorites!

  2. The look on their faces is priceless. Made me laugh out loud! That is one thinkg I have not tried on THM...make the skinny chocolate instead! You will have to hide it from your kids! ;)

  3. Ms. Taffy,

    I may not be the best one to comment, because I like kale. Anyway, try this combination for a smoothie, which is just one of the many ways we eat kale: two handfuls of spinach and kale each, one half cup of pineapple and one banana.

    At least your little people tried it before giving it a thumbs down. Their faces are totally funny. I can think of some other foods that cause me to also look that way.

    1. Do you take the stems off the kale first? I really WANT to like it. We keep getting it in our CSA box... :) A nice lady on my Facebook page gave me a great idea too! Thank you so much!
      ~Mrs. Taffy

    2. Mrs. Taffy,

      The original recipe does call for baby kale (and baby spinach), which usually comes w/o the stems. Also, when I cook kale, I usually buy it regular sized (not baby) and do cut the stems off, because they are so thick and sometimes tough.

      Not to laugh, but you and your girls keep making me smile. By the way, I also love Brussel sprouts. I commend you for trying to like kale. Sometimes, it is a matter of finding the right way to prepare a food, so that it is appealing to you. I've learned that w/one child, who can sometimes be a picky eater.

  4. I know you posted this long ago. We eat kale steamed as a vegetbale at least once a week. We don't really like it, we just eat it. But we do like it in smoothies. I use a half blender full of kale (stems off), (also can use chard, and I keep the stems with the chard as they are less tough), one banana, one apple, a nectarine if we have them, and some water or juice, (maybe 1/2 cup), a half cup plain yogurt, (we like Nancy's), and ice. Then I add a couple of TBS each chia and flaxseeds. Blend and let sit at least 15 for the chia to absorb, and then drink. I split this into two portions for myself, or have one and give one to my daughter. I take this drink to work, and it gives healthy energy! Kale is so cancer fighting, I HAVE to eat/drink it, esp since I grow it. We actually LIKE the chard, and eat that too. I also blend it for drinks... it grows almost year round in Sequim.
    Blessings, Cindy Vereide


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