Friday, July 8, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures~Week 11

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This week I had a list, it included the following:  Twin XL sheets, picture frames, long decorative shelf for my bedroom and shoes for Blue-Raspberry.  I was a little frustrated because Marshmallow was not in an agreeable mood.  We were only out there a little over an hour and that included a trip to the bank and a trip home to unload.  I still found some great stuff in that amount of time, but not everything on my list.


This is the big thing we had to unload.  The children have outgrown our other one (now I can donate it!).  I love it!  It was $10.00


This was a super amazing deal.  Looking back I should have tried to save it for a gift, but I was so overcome by the price it sort of slipped my mind.  Instead, I had Bubble Gum pay for it.  Otherwise it would be the property of the “playroom.” She was happy to oblige!  It’s in perfect condition and came with the family and furniture, all for $3.00!  I’m still so amazed by that! 


Some clothes for Blue-Raspberry.  See the Keen sandals?  One thing off my list, his current summer sandals are already falling apart.  These ones were $3.00, which I was happy to pay for such nice shoes and they should last the rest of the summer.  Laffy Taffy can inherit them in a few years too.  Two pair of pajamas-.50 each and a Nike nylon pull-over.  $1.50.


Books!  Two hardcovers at .50, a Chess book for a quarter and the Katy book for $1.00.  That’s more than I would normally spend, but the book looks like it’s never been read and it is one of the book recommended in Galloping the Globe, Antarctica I think.


A super nice Land’s End winter jacket for me.  I totally needed this, should have had it on my list.  It’s even my colors…totally a God-find.  $5.00


Two picture frames-on my list!  .50 each. I buy frames like this to put pictures of me and Mr. Taffy in, I decorate our room with photos of us together. 4 Navy Blue Pillar Candles-.25.  I’m thinking they will look great on my Thanksgiving Table.


And finally, a few stocking stuffers.  A bag of Polly Pocket stuff-$1.00.  A bag of ocean water animals-$1.00 and a magnifying glass, it’s actually glass and will be very nice once I get that sticker residue off-.25. 

That’s about it for me.  I had the stamina for more, but my sweet Marshmallow didn’t.  Instead I went to Panera and bought bagels for lunch.  The End.

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How’d your garage saling go this week?  Did you find some great treasures?  I would love to hear about it, so would other die-hard garage salers from around the country.  If you’ve never linked up with us before, please read this post first!  Happy hunting!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Wow, what great finds! Several years ago I bought the same doll house for my three daughters and spent over fifty dollars for just the house! Again, good job on the find! :)

    I was wondering if you liked the iced coffee recipe from Pioneer Woman that you were trying? I just love the McD iced coffees but can't seem to find a good homemade recipe that tastes the same.

    schroepfer 7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I can't believe all the stuff you found in less than an hour! You should wear a cape and helmet as you zip from bargain to bargain! Super-shopper! All those nice clothes and toys - fantastic!

  3. I was on limited time this week too and still happened to find some great things. :)

    Love that dollhouse! I saw 3 or 4 of them last week and didn't buy one. I am absolutely regretting it now. Annabelle's doll collection is growing quickly, it would've been nice for them to have a 'home'. :)

    That new table is a great find! What a good price.

    I am having no success at finding clothes. However, I thought of you and Marshmallow a couple times today when I went to sales with sweet, little baby girl clothes.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Wow! Great deal on the table.. Totally worth 10 in such great condition! And you are making me hold out on a dollhouse now. Three dollars is amazing!! Not sure if I am going to get out sale-ing tomorrow and if I do it will be with all 3 girls,so I may have to live through you and the other link ups this week!

  5. Whoo hooo!!! Great find on the doll house!! We have the same one and though we got it new (MIL Christmas) its not in near as good of shape. Katy and the Big Snow is a wonderful book, and worth the 1.00 IMO. I love your new jacket, too. I love when God sends us the things we didnt even know we needed, and the things we wanted :). Great week!! I almost forgot the

  6. What a great jacket you found for yourself. I love it!


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