Friday, July 22, 2011

Making order so I can THINK!

I started out the day determined to get some homeschool planning done.  I originally planned to start our school back up on August 1st, but now it’s being pushed back to August 9th because of company and other obligations.  Still, I know how quickly time goes by, even if I feel like I have a lot of time, I know I don’t really. 

So I went down stairs to get busy and found this…


I kept giving the children things to take downstairs for me, things were piling up.  Plus, I did some digging around in there too.  There was NO way I could plan while it was like this.  I need things orderly in order to think orderly!  It took me until 3pm.  You can see the clock says 8:30, I actually started earlier, I just didn’t remember to take a picture until then.  We had lunch for 45 minutes in the middle, but the rest of the time I was organizing.  My book shelves have NEVER been so organized.  I always wanted my books organized, but just never did it.  Well, I did it today!


Books are separated by categories that make sense to us and LABELED! 



I organized all the school books too.  I was having WAY TOO much fun with my label maker!  034

And the Tot School Shelves.


I have a box of stuff to donate and a box of stuff to sell.  026

Some of these things I’m getting rid of just because I can’t get them to fit anywhere nicely. 


This is what the room looked like at 3:00.  Ahhh…now I can breathe and plan!  I managed to get 8 weeks of lessons planned for Strawberry.  I had to stop and take the boys to work, then it was dinner time, then Marshmallow just wanted to be held and nursed, so I didn’t get any other lessons planned, but it’s all set up and ready for me to work on again tomorrow, AFTER I go grocery shopping.

It’s almost time to start back up! Are you ready?


Mrs. Taffy

P.S.  Just a little something extra to make you smile.


She loves her chiming “Funny Bunny.”


  1. She looks so much like you did in that photo!

  2. I love the joy of newly organized shelves! It really does help you think AND it reminds you of just what you have available to use. I just finished moving some things along last night at our local used curriculum sale so now I need to reorganize our shelves. Hmm...

  3. Wow - looks great!! I really need to get moving on our bookshelves. Would you come over and do our school area?!?!

  4. I love your homeschool space! This will be our first year homeschooling. My oldest will be starting his kindergarten work soon and all the stuff I have collected is in disarray. I hope I can get it organized soon.

  5. Your space looks so great!! I can only imagine that you are much better at planning in an organized space!

  6. Looks great!! I love the book shelves!! Who am I kidding? I love organizing :)

  7. Your classroom looks so ready to learn in!
    We were going to start school on Aug. 1 as well, but now that we will not be home until Aug. 4, well that would be tough. Now we are waiting until the 15th to start up again :-( It is tempting to schedule for the 8th, but I think it more wise to organize and plan first. I know how quickly time passes also and have been doing as much planning as possible 'on the road'.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration! I will post of my organizing and planning efforts upon my return :-)


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