Friday, August 5, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures~Week 15

Garage Sale Treasure Button

It was slim pickin’s this week.  For some reason there were a bunch of sales that started on Wednesday this week.  So when I went out on Thursday, I was there on the second day, not as much good stuff! 


A bunch of Thanksgiving beginner reader books for a quarter.  A veggie tale Bible holder also a quarter.  A Zig Ziglar book and a John Piper book, both for .50.  All the other books were also a quarter.


This was a fun find.  A cool tote for $2.00.  I’m going to use it for their blocks.  Since I review for Guide Craft I have a TON of really cool blocks, they will all fit in here nicely.


Some random things…the jars are my favorite find.  They are square jars, which I LOVE and they are big for storing bulk food in, like wheat germ or rolled barley!  $1.00 each.  The frame was .10, the memory game $1.00 and the Whale toy a dollar also—it’s full of other little fish, like a stacking toy.  We put it with the water table stuff.


Denim outfits for Marshmallow, one for now, one for the fall.  .50 each.  They feel brand new!


Slippers for Laffy-.50.  Shoes for Bubble Gum-.50


These are for Bubble Gum also.  Jammies for next year-$1.00, Leggings-.50.


And finally a little something for me.  A Liz Claiborne Down-filled vest.  I love it!  It was $3.00.

That’s about it!  Not much out there today.  And sadly, I won’t be able to go for a while here.  We are starting school next week and my “schedule” doesn’t include garage saling!  I would be happy to keep hosting this Meme though!  Will you still link up even if I don’t get to go out?  I might have some thrift store stuff to share, I still love thrift stores and I can go there on the weekends or evenings.

What did you find this week?  I would LOVE to hear about it!  So would my garage sale buddy’s!  If you haven’t linked up with us before, please read this post first.  Don’t forget to mention my blog in your post if you decide to link up!  (I make an exception for my mom. Smile)


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Still nice finds! Love the vest and the toy tub!

  2. It was slim pickings here too. It's been like that the last couple weeks. I was hoping that they would pick up a little more in August...

    Really love your vest though! And the tote is really cute (and convenient!).

    Have a great start to school! :) I will post my finds a little later today. Easier to take pics of everything when the littles are napping. :)

  3. OH, I almost forgot....I would still link up if you hosted it. :) We still have a few good weeks here. :)

  4. That memory games looks pretty cool! And a fun find on the whale stacking toy. I'm sure the kids will love playing with in their water table! And what a snazzy vest! Love it!

    I would totally still link up as well! Hubby is trying to switch mornings at work so we can go sale-ing once a week. We are also on the hunt for a good thrift store around us.

    And I am LOVING the new look! I thought maybe I'd landed on the wrong blog at first. Your kids are precious! :)

  5. hehe! Thanks Carolyn! I know that I sort of left off the name of my blog...I just couldn't get it to look right on their picture! I'm so glad my big boys still indulge me and let me take their pictures!

    Glad both you and Jess will still link up! Excited that you and your hubby are going to make garage saling a weekly occurrence--what a blessing!

  6. Love the cute tote!!! Your vest is awesome, and I really like the little Who Lives Where? game! Yes, I would still link up :). We have sales through about October here, so at least a few more weeks of good finds (I hope!).


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