Friday, August 19, 2011

Garage Sale Treasure~Week 17

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Good news!  Even though I didn’t get to any garage sales this week, I did get to visit a thrift store that I really like but it no where near where I usually am.  It just worked out to go on Monday, and Monday is their 25% off day!


Two pair of pajamas-Gymboree and Carters.


Clothes for Bubble Gum-A dress for Christmas time, a Hanna Anderson Outfit and a pretty white eyelet dress.

I spent about $15.00 total.  So not as good as garage sale prices, but I’m still pleased.  The only thing I don’t like about this thrift store is how they attach their tags.


See the staples?  I wreck my nails every time I shop there! 

I was out a little bit on Thursday and I actually did stop at a sale, but their prices were ridiculous!  How about you?  Did you find anything wonderful?  Me and my garage sale buddies would love to hear about it!  If you’ve never linked up before please read this post first.  Don’t forget to share the Love and link back!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Don't you have a staple puller in your office? Don't ruin your nails! Cute stuff, but I wish you would schedule in some garage sale time! I enjoy the vicarious shopping.

  2. I think it is the Salvation Army stores around here that use staples. I hate that too! I use a staple remover to get them out though. :)

  3. Love the Hanna outfit!! I dont think you did to bad at all, price wise. I think at thrifts, when I do find something good, its generally a decent amount better (brand and quality) then your average garage sale, so I dont mind paying a little bit more. Sorry about the staples-we used to have one like that. As long as they hit the tag I am okay with it, it's when they miss and hit the back of the shirt-leaving a hole-that I really mind it!

  4. Fun finds! I went this weekend. I took pictures....and then I got to go on a random spur of the moment 2 day trip to Mackinaw so I didn't have time to post it. lol :) I'm planning on writing it up either later today or tomorrow....I'll make sure to link up. Sadly, there is only another month or so left of garage saling here. :/


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