Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preparing to be Thankful


I feel like I am on some kind of speed train or something.  Life is going by so fast. I never have a moment to long for the next moment to come because each moment goes whizzing by so fast I almost miss it.  I’m afraid if turn my back or close my eyes for a minute, I’m going to miss something, anything.  I remember a time when I would be so anxious for the next event to come, the next day, the next celebration.  I just don’t ever feel like that anymore.  My children still feel that way, like time isn’t moving fast enough.  I hear them all the time, “I just can’t wait…” “I’m so excited!”  “Only 35 more days until…”  35 days might as well be tomorrow as far as my train ride is concerned.


I’m trying to slow this train down, trying to enjoy moments and make them last longer.  Truly our life is but a vapor.  But I want to enjoy and experience each little droplet in that vapor.

Thanksgiving is next week.  Next week?  I still feel like 2012 just started, wasn’t it just January?  Do you see  the struggle I’m having?

I’ve made myself many a list.  A menu.  A shopping list.  A task list.  But I almost don’t want to start checking things off because as soon as I do it’s all going to be over with.  Oh what to do?!  I guess I’ll just hold on tight, treat each fleeting moment with joy.  Allow my heart to swell with thankfulness.  Ignore the annoyances.  Demand peace.

All my rambling thoughts aside, here is my menu for Thanksgiving Day, in case you are curious.


Deviled Eggs (Mr. Taffy’s favorite)

Cranberry and Pumpkin Bread

Cheese and crackers with Summer Sausage (Laffy Taffy’s favorite)

Apple Orchard Punch

Thanksgiving Dinner:

Turkey (I make ours in a roasting pan)

Pumpkin Rolls (Recipe here)

Twice Baked Smashed Potatoes

Butternut Squash with Thyme


Stuffing (From Trader Joe’s)

Green Beans ( I just steam frozen organic green beans)

Cranberry Sauce (From Trader Joe’s)


I’ve got so many things I could make...

Blueberry Pie (in freezer already)

Apple Pie

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

Frog Legs (Chocolate Taffy’s Specialty)

I’m sure I’ll make something else too, just because I can.


I have a couple special things planned for Thanksgiving Day.  Mr. Taffy’s sister and daughters will be here to have dinner and dessert with us.  I found a Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt on the Family Fun website and I’m going to send the kids on that at some point during the day.  We’ll do family photos, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I have a gift for all my children collectively and a “it’s the beginning of the Christmas Season”  gift for the girls, my nieces included.  Our dearest friends are joining us for dessert with their 4 children.  I’m making up baskets of food to share with our guests.  I know the day will be wonderful!  I’m really looking forward to it, but not too anxiously because I know how quickly it will be over with.  I want to savor the moments, like I’m going to savor that Cranberry Upside Down Cake!

My life is overflowing with joy and thankfulness and blessing.  To spend a day to remember all of ways that the Lord has provided is such a delight.  We look forward to this day all year long.  If we are thankful, we are content.  Praying that the hearts of my children will find a way to be thankful in every situation.  Praying that I can be a good example of doing that.  There’s just so much to be thankful for!

Thankfully content,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. This si so beautiful. Will you be doing posts like last year, where you shared with your readers your Thanksgiving Day prep days, that was so fun, my daughter and I really enjoyed looking at them. Thanks, Kim

  2. Time is flying for me too! Especially this month. I just realized today that the month is half over and Thanksgiving is next week, and I feel like it just started. That cranberry cake looks amazing! I just pinned it and I'm planning to make it next week for us to take to NY. We're going up for the holiday and spending it with H1's dad. His kitchen is in the middle of a renovation right now though, so no cooking or baking can be done in it (no stove, no countertops right now). We're going to another family member's house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I have no idea what we'll be having for our meal! I'm just happy that we'll get to spend this time with family.


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